Leadership Coaching
for Women

We offer 15% off our regular coaching prices.

More Female Leaders will benefit your business

Gender diversity in the workplace helps firms be more productive.

“Having a more diverse set of employees means you have a more diverse set of skills,” says Sara Ellison, an MIT economist, which “could result in an office that functions better.”

At the Positive Workplace DXB we are passionate about helping to develop more female leaders as we believe it creates a more positive and productive working environment for all employees.

How can leadership coaching for women help female leaders unleash their full potential?

Improved Confidence

Improved confidence

Coaching can help improve an individual’s confidence. It is very normal to not be confident in every area of someone’s personal or professional life. Coaching can help growing confidence by stopping and reflecting on who you are, becoming more aware of your weaknesses but also to better realise one’s strengths. We coach our clients in a way that feels natural to them and will enable them to feel confident in their ability to overcome work challenges.

Visibility and Awareness

Improve visibility and assertiveness

When your senior is more aware of your accomplishments you will get ahead quicker and get noticed. Research suggests that women are often humble about their workplace achievements. By tracking female achievements and encouraging them to be more openly discussed, in both private and in public, the profile of a leader can rise in the eyes of their superiors and subordinates.

Improved Clarity

Gain a new level of clarity

It is crucial as a female leader that you define what success means to you and that you have effective benchmarks to measure yourself against. When you have clarity about your goals, passions, and motivations you are able to maximise your workplace performance.

These are only a few of the examples of how coaching can help to develop female leaders. Every coaching journey is a personalised one.
To further reward companies that wish to invest in their female leaders, The Positive Workplace DXB offers

15% off our regular coaching prices

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